Horn of Plenty (Craterellus cornucopioides)

In French, these strange fungi are called Trompette de la Mort or Trumpet of the Dead, which seems very fitting us they appear on the run up to Halloween.  Although they look rather unappealing, Horn of Plenty fungi are delicious and considered a delicacy here and across mainland Europe. Notoriously difficult to spot these small mushroom blend into the forest floor.
Key identification points:-
  • Greyish brown trumpet shaped tubes with outward curving outer edges that are wavy and uneven
  • The "trumpet" tapers into pointed end in the leaf litter
  • The inside of the tube is black or dark grey.
  • Always grow in clumps, preferring mossy places in beech and oak woods on chalky soils.
  • Usually around 10cm tall and 7cm across.