We always offer our course attendees foraged snacks, treats and drinks on our courses.  These have proven to be very popular so here are some of our favourites - many of them are gluten and dairy free, and vegan (vg - vegan, gf - gluten free, df - dairy free). Click on the photo to see the full recipe.

Autumn berry bliss cocktail (gf/vg)
Blackberry & crab apple vodka or gin (gf/vg)
Dandelion shortbread (vg/gf)
Dandelion "honey' / syrup (vg/gf)
Elderberry, hazelnut and nettle seed flapjacks (vg/gf)
Elderflower delight (gf/vg)
Elderflower fairy cakes (gf/df)
Elderflower sorbet (gf/vg)
Foraged teas (gf/vg)
Fruit leather (gf/vg)
Hedgerow fruit pastilles (gf/vg)
Hogweed seed parkin (gf/df)
Nettle & lemon cupcakes (gf/df)
Nettle pakoras (gf/vg)
Nettle, sorrel and walnut pesto (gf)
Nettle soup (gf/vg)
Oyster mushroom pate (gf/vg)
Raspberry vodka (gf/vg)
Wild mushroom risotto (gf)
Wild mushroom soup (gf/vg)