Foraging confessions - wild garlic is not for me

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to confess to this but I'm not sure I like wild garlic.  Many of my foraging course colleagues are very busy making fermented wild garlic, wild garlic pesto, wild garlic pasta and many more 'delicious' recipes but I can't get past the smell.  It always was fairly pungent but ever since I had Covid the smell is eye watering.  I tried to make fermented wild garlic the other day - it's similar to Kimchi, I'm told.  The smell filled half the house to the point where my other half was seriously grumpy (it has to be left without a lid on while the fermenting takes place) and after several days we couldn't bear it any more. The wild garlic salt and pickled flower buds aren't too bad but I'm very glad they are kept in sealed jars.  

So the question is, should I be drummed out of the foraging clan for sins against foraging?  Or is it possible that I'm not the only one who just can't bear the smell?  I admit that I feel a bit disloyal to art of foraging when wild garlic is one of its icon wild foods. Fingers crossed my sense of smell returns to pre-Covid levels before I'm in deep trouble.